Treatment relaxers versus the keratin straighteners

Keratin straighteners contain formaldehyde whereas treatment relaxers are far more natural and conditioning to the hair. I feel that women today are looking for that natural feel to their hair and the treatment relaxers really do that. With everyone so busy with daily lifestyles for someone who has that dry frizzy unruly hair, this is the perfect way to achieve the result they are looking for.

We always find the hesitancy from our first time clients when explaining the treatment relaxer to them but once they have the procedure done and go home and work with the hair just the same way that they did before and realize that it takes a quarter of the time they simply fall in love with it and never look back. That gives us great pleasure when a client feels good about their hair and that we had a small part to play in their happiness.

People who have dry unruly frizzy hair always feel frustrated with this type of hair and you can use all the innovative products that have been released but really if you are using all these products it really means that you are a great candidate for a treatment relaxer. Just imagine you will be able to go to the beach or swimming in the pool and not worry about your hair when it will only take a quarter of the time to style.

When you have that important occasion and you come to have your hair styled you can feel very confident that it will survive the evening once one of our professional hairdressers gives you that full make over for that special occasion and even will last for the next day when you have to go out again or simply run the family around for that busy weekend.

In finishing we feel that the treatment relaxers are a great alternative to keratin straighteners and also to permanent hair straighteners when you don’t want total straight but keep the body in the hair these treatment are simply perfect.

dry unruly hair before treatment relaxer
BEFORE: Dry and Unruly Hair
after finished treatment relaxer
AFTER: Finished in Treatment Relaxer