Razor cutting is an art form, giving you a diffused, soft edge by creating both chaos and control in the cutting process. Razor cutting works on all types of hair, especially if the hair if stiff and has no pliability. Razor cutting works extremely well by releasing weight where it not required, a feat that blunt shears cannot do as effectively, or efficiently. We work with your hair by feeling and visualising your result, but of course within a very controlled process. Once both you and your stylist are comfortable with the proposed style then there is flexibility to work and create an amazing look.

Razor cutting requires experience and technical skill, which is why Marro’s, with over 30 years experience, is your best choice. Marro’s Hair and Beauty has had the opportunity to work in London with Vidal Sassoon and develop our skills in a variety of other courses that have shown us the best razor cutting techniques. This gives us the skills we need to cut your hair with precision and perfection.

Razor cutting is complicated, which is why we want to make sure you know that we are your best choice in Adelaide. Razor cutting will allow us to deliver that complicated and sophisticated blunt edge of yesterday, with the raw edge of today. We are proud of our skills and techniques and what we have achieved for our clients. Our developing skills have allowed us to introduce hot razor tools that cut across the hair and keep the end of your hair from splitting. Our hot razor tools do not affect the condition of your hair and give you the soft, diffused edges you have been looking for. This is just another option we can give to you, our clients.

The chisel razor is another tool that we can use, giving you a slightly blunter edge, with amazing, textured layers and of course, the iconic diffused look. This is just another technique we us to help tilting the hair, making the cut look natural. Our cutting techniques give you the best looks possible, which is why our clients from all over Adelaide (including areas like Norwood, Kensington, Magill and St. Peters) travel to our salon. We encourage you do the same if you want beautiful, professionally treated hair.