Men’s styling and hair care has developed so much throughout the past century, from the fifties rockabilly hair, to the seventies long, textured mullet to the bed-headed looks of today. The evolution of men’s hair care has seen such dramatic changes, which is why it so exciting for us here at Marro’s Hair and Beauty to be able to evolve with it.

Image is everything in today’s world. This is why it so important for men to learn how to properly take care of their hair. In today’s lifestyle, men must be aware of the current hairstyle trends and be able to make sure their hair is taken care of. Gone are the days where the short back and sides were the only things done in the realm of men’s hair.

Marro’s Hair and Beauty will assist you in developing a hairstyle that takes inspiration not only from current trends, but also generational hairstyles to give you a highly personalised look. We will also equip you with the tools and skills you need to take care of your hair outside the salon. From straightening to general hair care, Marro’s is here to help you.

Another important aspect of men’s hair is the colour. Colour is just as important for men as it is for women. We can help you give that dynamic look you need to stand out, or help you cover up those sneaky greys. Our Homme Cover 5 from Loreal will give you an ammonia free colour.

Straightening has also been part of the evolution of men’s hairstyles. Marro’s is expert in proper straightening techniques for men and their hairstyles. Straightening is often necessary in delivering you that desired look.

Remember to ask us about men’s hair products! Hair products are not just for women, we offer a range of products to help you take the best care of your hair. We offer a variety of hair thinning products, moisturisers, facial cleanses and styling products. Rest assured we consider men’s hair just as important as women’s. Come to Marro’s Hair and Beauty for the best men’s hair care in Adelaide.