The anti-ageing process is not a new phenomenon, women have been working for centuries to stop and slow the ageing process, with many home remedies throughout the centuries using any ingredient they can. From natural ingredients, to chemicals, the technology is always developing at Marro’s Hair and Beauty. We are always learning and developing our knowledge and techniques, for you, the client. We have 4 facials that we highly recommend that will help you with the anti-ageing process. We guarantee there will be at least one treatment that suits you!

Vitamin Infusion using ultra sanopherous technology: This is a very small machine that sends tiny sound waves resonating at 20,000 beats per second into the skin, increasing permeability – a truly ‘super sonic’ facial. This technology is truly amazing. It refines the skin and reduces pigmentation, while optimising moisture levels to give you more hydrated skin. This technology penetrates 1000 times deeper and is a great treatment for those who have a variety of pigmentation problems, especially after pregnancy.

This is a must-have treatment for all skin types. This one-hour infusion intensively hydrates the skin and infuses it with a range of vitamins and anti-ageing oxidants. The immense amount of moisture is sure to make your skin feel young and hydrated. Allow 1 hour.

Ultra Signature Treatment: this treatment is bound to take you to a beautiful, relaxing place. It consists of 3 steps:

  • Cleanse: a deep cleansing treatment incorporating BHA’S and very clear acting antioxidants that penetrate deep into the skin, clearing congestion in the pores. It works by calming inflamed skin and clearing excessive oils, preventing future breakouts.
  • Calming: a repairing process to calm stressed and dehydrated skin. This essential moisture boost treatment balances the skins natural hydration and glow.
  • Relieve: this works by relieving over stressed skin, reducing the pigmentation and dark spots, as well as uneven skin-tone. It has 5 pigment blockers and brighteners, along with exfoliants to restore the natural beauty and radiance of your skin. Allow 1 Hour.

Lactic Peel Exfoliant:C this is the extreme lactic fruit peel with true, visible results. This treatment has a youthful and radiant firming effect on the skin, excellent for fine lines. This treatment will hydrate and moisturise your skin, by firming and smoothing the surface with absolutely amazing results. Allow 45 minutes.

Mini Facial: this is a very quick and clean facial. It cleans and moisturisers the skin, perfect for a person looking for a quick cleanse. This treatment will get to the areas of the skin you can’t get to at home. Let our technicians introduce you to the world of ultraceuticals and skin maintenance. Allow 30 minutes.

Come and meet our technicians at Marro’s Hair and Beauty who will tailor the right package, just for you!