Have you just coloured your hair at home and found it hasn’t come out like the colour you saw on the box? Here at Marro’s Hair and Beauty, we specialize in delivering you the best hair colour correction possible. There are many factors that contribute to a lackluster hair colour:

  • The colour you chose
  • The base you started with
  • The condition of your hair
  • The type of hair you have (i.e. thick, fine, long, short, etc.)
  • The way it was applied
  • Your knowledge of technical colouring.

We pride ourselves on delivering you the best hair colour correction possible. We know frustrating hair colouring can be, but we have over our 29 years of experience and still are evolving. We will give you the best possible colour correction services in Adelaide.

Our first step will be to consult with you on your desired colour, giving you an opportunity to choose from 3 premium colours. We will walk you through the process required to give you the strongest colour possible.

Marro’s has made many a happy customer over the years! There is no greater feeling for us than delivering you amazing, unique and stylish hair colour. We take the stress out of this difficult process and guide you through every step. Marro’s Hair and Beauty is your only option for hair colour correction in Adelaide.