What We Do


  • Hair Colouring

    The main reasons people get their hair coloured is to either; cover greys, colour to follow fashion trends, to change their appearance or simply just need a change in life. There are multiple ways, techniques, materials and product that are used in creating special and unique looks and colours that are desired. At Marro’s we Strictly use and Believe in Loreal Professional Hair colours and products.

  • Colour Correction

    This process should ONLY be performed by a qualified salon professional to correct any and all accidental colour work, from over toning to changing tones / hair levels, to small and big colour changes.

  • Perming

    Perming is a common term used for “permanent”, which involves the use of chemical solutions to break and reform the bonds that structure the hair. Perming can be used to add body, volume, waves and curls to almost any hair type and length.

  • Straightening and Relaxers

    There are many different approaches when relaxing and treating the hair. These systems are designed to smooth and de-frizz the cuticle layer to make the hair smoother, shinier and easier to manage and maintain, with results lasting up to 3-4 months. Permanent straightening will break down and change the structural bond from curly and frizzy to straight and smooth. Depending on personal growth, results can last from 6-12 months.

  • Treatments

    A special service performed after a colour or shampoo and before a style cut / blowdry, treatments are designed to put either moisture and proteins back into the hair, to help reconstruct the bonds or to protect the colour fade as well as smoothing the hair and adding a lustrous shine. Depending on the hair type and its needs, determines what treatment would be applied. Once the treatment has been infused into the hair, we give the client a 10 minuet head massage then apply to hot towel for a few minutes to help penetrate the treatment not only pass the cuticle layer of the hair but right into the cortex of the hair giving the hair 100% protection, condition and shine all round.

  • Style Cuts & Hair Styling

    Hair styling refers to “fashioning the hair”. It’s described to be a design, an art form and considered to be an expression of everyday personal grooming, fashion and cosmetics.
    Here at Marro’s Hair and Beauty we believe in creating individual and unique looks for all our clients and we can achieve this through style cutting. Using new, contemporary, and cutting edge techniques, we can tailor a style cut that is a reflection of you and your unique style.

  • Blow drying

    A blow dry is shaping the hair after is has been style cut. A blow dry is just as important as the cut and colour themselves, as it helps to create the perfect shape. A cut cannot be finished just wet, when the hair has been blow dried the hair stylist can view how the hair is sitting, how the hair behaves when dry, allowing the stylist to texturise if needed, and to finish the cut so it not only looks good when you leave the salon but also at home until you return for your next visit.

  • Upstyling

    Here at Marro’s Hair and beauty we create upstyles for many different occasion, from formals, weddings, engagements to evenings and special occasions. Upstyling is a term used for creating a cetain look that’s appealing to the eye, to compliment an outfit, a face shape or hair colour and usually involes the hair going up.

  • Ear Piercing

    Something special we offer here at Marro’s. We use the highest quality surgical steel which is coated in either silver or gold, all equipment is highly sterilized, guaranteeing, you the client, the very best.