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There are three layers to a hair strand.

  • Zone A
  • Zone B
  • Zone C

Zone A – The Surface.

External part of the hair, visible to the human eye and is responsible for the hairs shine, suppleness, and protection.

What damages the hair surface?

  • Styling
  • Brushing
  • Chemical Services (lightening, perming, permanent straightening)
  • Heat
  • The Environment (i.e. water, sun, wind)

One strand is covered in tine scales making the surface of the hair, and these get damaged it causes porosity, which cam make the hair appear rough, dull and lifeless.

Zone B – The Cuticle

The cuticle is made up of scales that are linked together by Inter-Cellular Cement. This zone is responsible for the hairs protection and structure.

What damages the cuticle?

  • Heat
  • Pollution
  • Chemical Services (lightening, perming, permanent straightening)

Damage to this zone causes porosity and loss on inter-cellular cement, resulting in damage the hair fibre and causing it to feel dry and weak.

Zone C – The Cortex

The cortex is the heart of the hair. It is the most important part of the stand, making up to 90% of the hair fibre.

What damages the cortex?

When all the other layers of the hair are damage, they expose the cortex causing it to become weak, fragile and sensitised, making it more vulnerable to breakage.

It is vital that the hair is kept healthy, for if it is damaged it can cause colours to fade quicker, become dull or even blotchy and cause even more damage to the strand. When treating the hair, you are treating all three zones of the strand. Treatments help to seal all damage that has been done to the zones, and also seal’s in the colour leaving it smooth and shiny.