Homme Hair Range


A new generation of grey blending, hair care and styling we offer here at Marro’s Hair and Beauty. White/grey hair is not completely masked with a uniform colour, instead it is subtly covered giving discreet colour highlights which blend into the rest of the hair, hence the term “grey blending”.

Tone on Tone Colour for Men

  • Ammonia Free gel enriched with Incell
  • Blends greys away in as little as 5 mins
  • Perfect and natural result
  • Neither to warm or to cool
  • Gently fades over time, leaving no regrowth line.
  • Blends up to 50% grey.

At Home Homme Range

Homme shampoo has been specifically designed to respond to men’s hair needs. Enriched with ingredients such as magnesium, cocoa beans and anti oxidants, these fortifying formulas help to discipline and revitalise the hair.


  • Helps to combat stress and fatigue
  • Revitalising and Regenerative
  • A viral role of the body’s cells with fortifying properties

Anti -Oxidants

  • Protects the hair from external aggressions (air, sunlight)
  • Protects the hair fibre
  • Earthy and Woodley scents

Providing products for all hair types:

  • Thinning / fine hair
  • Unruly hair
  • Normal hair / Daily use
  • Dandruff control