L’oreal Hair Colour

With over 100 years of colour innovation L’oreal is the go to brand that we believe and trust in.

  • 1909 The very first hair dye was created, L’oreal begins
  • 1949 The first oxidative colour was born, Imedia
  • 1952 The first direct hair colour, Rege Colour
  • 1984 The first hair conditioning colour, Majirel. A product we still use to this day.
  • 1986 The first tone on tone colour, Richess Dia-colour
  • 2010 The first ammonia free hair colour with ODS technology, Inoa
  • Absolute Care, Colour and Confidence
  • Absolute Care, Colour and Confidence

Absolute Care, Colour and Confidence, colours are rich, deep, and intense, with long lasting radiant results. Treating the entirety of the hair fibre with to active ingredients, IONENE G & INCELL helps to strengthen and reinforce all 3 layers of the hair.

  • Natural and golden basic shades, complete coverage of white hair
  • Deep natural basic for deep and ultra natural looking hair
  • Pure coverage and neutralization with pure reflect
  • Ash/metallic/iridescent shades
  • Vibrant intensive reds, stays true and long lasting


Inoa helps to maintain the hairs natural levels of lipids and essential amino acids. Inoa has no odour and no ammonia, ensuring optimal scalp comfort and respect for the hair. Infinite colour power and shine with coverage of white hair up 100% leaving 6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition.


The highly advanced Majirel technology allows colouring creating power to take on a whole new dimension. With up to 100% white hair coverage, 9 reflect family’s ideal for subtle blondes, to warm browns to vibrant reds, leaving a light, fresh floral fragrance.


Ultimate intense reds and coppers, Majirouge can be used on its own or mixed with any Majirel Colour to intensify a shade.

Majirel Mix

Pure reflect colours to personalise, create special effects or neutralise shades. Designed to be used by itself on natural hair, on pre- lightened hair for brighter intense shades, or mixed in with Majirel colours to help counteract tones.


Designed for natural or coloured darker levels, Majicontrast lightens in as little as 15 mins under heat or 30 mins with no heat. Containing Hi.Chroma technology Majicontrast needs no pre-lightening. When pre-lightening is used the result will be brighter and intense.


High lift Blondes (lightens up from 4 ½ levels) recommended for a natural level 6 and lighter for optimal results. A one step lightening and tinting system, with no need to pre-lighten.


Designed for natural virgin hair levels 1-5, perfect for Asian and European hair Majilift uses high lift technology to lighten up to 4 ½ levels. With perfect control of warmth Majilift achieves rich chocolates with natural look results.


Ammonia free with the power to lighten up to 7 levels. Contains Netriceride to strengthen and nourish the cuticles and white bees wax to smooth and soften the hair fibre.

Colour Techniques

  • Solid colour ( roots/all over )
  • Splices
  • Foils
  • Weave
  • Cap
  • Ballyage
  • Dip Dye
  • Ponytail Colouring
  • Splashlight
  • Crazy Colours

Colour. It is such an important part of our field. It says everything about the person. There are so many things it does for you; it can create the dramatic look you have been searching for or simply harmonise with your body. There are so many ways to colour your hair. Through our colour consultation services we provide, we will be able to determine what feel and look you want for your hair. Colouring your hair can be exciting, that’s why we work with you, the client, to meet the challenge. We are the leading colour technicians in Adelaide, Norwood, Magill and Firle.

We have a wide range of choices for your hair colour: Majirel, Dia Richese, Luocolour, Platinum Ammonia Free Lightening Paste and Ionia Ammonia Free Permanent Colouring. The development of new ammonia free colour has helped us with a variety of clients who look for a more gentle colouring process. We have the best tools on hand.

Colour styles and techniques have changed so much over our 29 years of experience. From 1 all over colour, to frosting caps, to foiling and warm and cool shades, we have continued to evolve as hairdressers. Our partnership with Loreal has allowed us to travel to international salon events in London and attend Loreal Business Forums with the best in the industry. We have seen all the latest styles and trends and the development of new and improved colours such as red, blue, copper, pink, turquoise and violet.

Our colour services will change how you feel about yourself and help define your own iconic look. Consult us at Marro’s Hair and Beauty so that you can have hair that reflects who you truly are. We endeavour to keep developing and skills and techniques to deliver you the best services possible. Come in to see the most experienced staff in Adelaide.