Face Shapes

In this month’s blog we are going to be talking about all the Do’s and Dont’s of hair styles to suit your face shape.

The key to finding the right upstyle for you, is one that helps create the illusion of a perfectly shaped face. There are cut and styles that can make a long face appear wider, soften a square jaw line, round faces appear skinnier and can make double chins and bigger foreheads basically disappear.

Here are the Do’s and Dont’s for all 7 face shapes:

oval face shape

DO – Consider features to enhance and balance proportions with style

DON’T – Add too much height as this will accentuate

round face shape


DO – Add height to the crown, add width below the jaw line or above the temple and create angular shapes to elongate the face.

DON’T – Add a full fringe, add width on the sides or add equal fullness around the entire face as this will create more roundness.

square face shape


DO – Sweep short hair up over ear. With long hair add soft texture to conceal square corners and start fullness from the temples.

DON’T – Add solid lines at jaw line. This will enhance the jaw and create a real block feel.

oblong face shape


DO – Keep short hair equally full on top and above ears. For long hair add width at the sides and use diagonal partings. This will break up the shape and add softness.

DON’T – Add height without width or style hair flat and straight.

pear face shape


DO – Add width at the forehead to balance the width at the jaw line for short styles. Let long hair cover the jaw to conceal it width.

DON’T – Accentuate the pear shape with narrowness at the temple and add width at the jaw.

diamond face shape


DO – Use a side part and diagonal fringe to create fullness and width at forehead and add width at jaw line.

DON’T – Add width at cheekbones, this will enhance the shape and make the jaw line appear too skinny.

heart face shape


DO – Add width at jaw line and leave fullness at the nape that can be seen from the front.

DON’T -Add width at forehead or cheekbones, this will make the face appear round.

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